Traveling Space Museum
The Orion Mini-Shuttle is a 12 foot-long motion-controlled flight simulator that resembles the Space Shuttle and gives students the sensation of piloting a spacecraft in low Earth orbit. The same technology used to train real pilots is featured in this video-linked two-seat shuttle craft. The Orion has many responsive switches along with a joy stick to control the pitch, yaw, and roll motions that effect the ship. When fully functionalized, the Orion will roar with engine sound effects along with light and smoke effects to simulate exhaust. Virtual reality goggles are built into the space helmet that's worn to complete the illusion of space flight. Once you close the canopy and activate the "go" button, you are off on a five-minute "virtual adventure" as you try to stabilize the vehicle during reentry and landing.

The Orion Shuttle can be used to teach basic piloting skills, Aerodynamics, Space Physiology, Rocketry, Communications, and other sciences. Academy cadets should find these subjects fun to learn because they will be using equipment like the Orion, that is far more responsive and more realistic than playing any home video, arcade, or computer game.

The Orion Shuttle Flight Simulator under construction